10 Things to Discuss With Your Estate Planning Attorney Now

9:51 pm Estate Planning

time running out e1323903320529 10 Things to Discuss With Your Estate Planning Attorney NowAs 2013 draws to a close, those who have not made an estate plan, or have one that needs to be updated to reflect the many changes to the estate and gift tax laws in January of this year, should be making an appointment to speak with a California estate planning attorney.

To help you get started, here are 10 items that should be on your list for discussion:

  1. Create an estate plan
  2. Review and update an existing plan
  3. Use your $5.25 million exemption
  4. Make tax-free gifts
  5. Secure/update healthcare documents
  6. Review/update guardian choice for minor children
  7. Review/update beneficiary designations
  8. Review/update your insurance
  9. Discuss your estate plan with your family
  10. Secure basic estate planning documents for unmarried children over 18

We’d love to help you create an estate plan to protect your family or update an existing plan; contact our Costa Mesa law firm to schedule your consultation.

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