5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Rely on Portability Alone to Pass & Protect Assets

9:41 pm Asset Protection, Estate Planning

marriage and money 150x150 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Rely on Portability Alone to Pass & Protect AssetsLast January’s fiscal cliff tax deal ushered in a great estate tax break for married couples: permanent portability. This allows surviving spouses to add any unused portion of a deceased spouse’s lifetime exemption to their own $5.25 million tax-free exemption.

However, married couples need to be aware that portability will not necessarily cover all the bases when it comes to passing and protecting assets.  A recent post at Wealth Strategies Journal outlined five reasons that failing to also integrate traditional estate planning methods into your plan could have adverse consequences:

1.  The surviving spouse that inherits may then distribute assets in a way that the deceased spouse have never intended or would not have approved.

2.  Creditors may gain access to the assets of the deceased spouse at some point.

3.  If a surviving spouse remarries, he or she will lost the first deceased spouse’s unused exemption amount if their second spouse predeceases them.

4.  The assets inherited by a surviving spouse could use up more of his or her estate tax exemption due to appreciation.

5.  The portability law could be changed or even eliminated.

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