5 Ways to Protect & Provide For Your Family Now

8:40 pm Asset Protection, Estate Planning

number 5 copy 150x150 5 Ways to Protect & Provide For Your Family NowThere are a few important practical estate planning moves you can make right now to help protect and provide for your family:

Life insurance – parents should consider buying a life insurance policy to provide support for a child if one income-producing parent should die unexpectedly.

Trust – you can protect assets for your child by setting up a trust with a distribution option for when he or she reaches adulthood.

Gifts – there are tax advantages to gifting portions of your estate to your children while you are still alive, which can help reduce estate taxes.

Guardian – one of the most important reasons for parents to have a California estate plan is to legally name a guardian for your children; you can always change your choice if necessary, but if you don’t make at least one choice, the state will do it for you.

Will – be sure to either create a new will or update your existing will to include a new child.

For more estate planning strategies to help you protect assets for your family, contact our Orange County law firm.

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