Asset Protection: Who Needs It?

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Asset protection planning — setting up and arranging one’s assets and affairs in the most effective way so as to protect and safeguard them from risks and any creditors’ claims to which they would otherwise be subject –  has been practiced by attorneys, financial planners and accountants for several decades.

Planning for the orderly disposition of assets at death in the most tax saving favorable manner, while at the same time preserving and protecting and increasing one’s assets during lifetime, is the twofold focus of asset protection planning.

So who needs it?


  • Professionals, doctors, dentists, lawyers, CPAs, architects, engineers, etc.
  • Potential recipients of substantial inheritances from parents or other family members.
  • Business owners.
  • Sellers of businesses.
  • Individuals with high risk businesses or dealings with investors.
  • Individuals who have to sign personal guarantees and bonds, i.e., contractors and other business owners.
  • Officers and directors of public companies.
  • Owners of boats, airplanes or extreme vehicles.
  • Real estate investors and owners.
  • Celebrities, high net worth and high visibility individuals.
  • Wealthy spouse in second marriage.
  • Children of wealthy individuals.

If you fit into any of these categories, consider spending some time with a California asset protection attorney to learn how you can both protect and preserve your wealth.

Contact us today for individualized planning strategies to meet your unique needs.


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