Basic Estate Planning Steps in the Face of Estate Tax Changes

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With estate tax coming back from the dead in some mere 10 months, many people are in a chaotic whirlwind trying to understand the estates they never really comprehended fully, and trying to fix with duct tape what should have been fixed with proper planning. A Southern California estate planning lawyer can help you understand and plan for the up and coming changes that will affect your estate.

Most financial planners agree that there’s just no way to know for sure what will be heading down the pike for estate tax law. But what all California estate planners and attorneys across the nation agree on is the need to stay in the know.

Financial planners suggest reviewing and renewing your estate plan at least once every four to five years. But in the wake of these changes – and potential changes – it’s wise to have a discussion with your Newport Beach estate planning attorney as soon as possible if you haven’t had the chance to prepare for what may be the biggest hit to estate plans in more than a decade.

Discuss ways to “ironclad” your estate as much as possible before the end of 2010. Even those with phenomenally planned trusts won’t necessarily be safe. You need to know what you may be facing. Contact your Southern California estate plan lawyer today and start readying your estate for the estate tax transition.

Your California legal and financial planning experts are at your service; Contact us today.

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