Best Time to Create a GRAT is NOW

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December of 2010 could be the best time ever to create a GRAT (Grantor Retained Annuity Trust), according to a Financial Times article.

A GRAT is a trust instrument that allows you to contribute assets while retaining a stream of annuity payments over a number of years.  One of its benefits is that a GRAT can be structured so that no gift tax is due on creation.

IRS rules require that the value of the annuity payments be determined by using a published interest rate — known as the 7520 rate – that is in effect for the month that the assets are contributed to the GRAT.  For December of 2010, the 7520 rate is 1.8 percent – the lowest in history.

The benefit of setting up a GRAT when the 7520 rate is low is that if the donor survives the term of the GRAT and the assets produce a value in excess of the 7520 rate (1.8%), that excess appreciation can be passed on to beneficiaries with no gift or estate tax.

If you are interested in learning more about how setting up a GRAT in December can benefit your estate planning, contact our California asset protection law firm.

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