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Fotolia 40424681 Subscription Monthly XXL 150x150 Book ReviewAs many of you are aware,  I published “The Ladder of Success: An Asset Protection Primer” over a month ago and we have had some very favorable reviews.  We included some of these in our book but we have received quite a few more on where the book can be purchased.  For your convenience we have posted them here:

Jeff Matsen is a colleague and friend who is not only an expert to the experts in the asset protection field but also succinctly describes what won’t work, what might work, and what should work in an understandable way.  Those seeking asset protection often share common characteristics such as wealth, business ownership, real estate ownership, considerable income and estate tax exposures, as well professional practice ownership – and I recommend they read Jeff’s book to protect their families. — Joseph J. Strazzeri, Esq.; Fellow, Southern California Institute; Co-founder, Laureate Center for Wealth Advisors

Jeff brings decades of wisdom to the design and drafting of legal instruments.  He knows how to preserve assets in structures that help wealth holders minimize downside risk.  Moreover, because of Jeff’s broad multi-disciplinary experience, he knows how to integrate protection from lawsuits with protection from taxes.  Jeff’s ability to combine creditor protection with tax planning helps clients accumulate more wealth and maximize upside potential.  Perhaps most important, Jeff knows how to create trusts that reflect the unique vision and values of each client.  – Tim Voorhees, JD, MBA.

His knowledge, wisdom and direct experience helping thousands of professionals, executives, business owners, physicians, dentists, and other high net worth clients over his long career have truly made him one of the elite group of top experts in his field. If you are concerned about protecting your assets from creditors and predators and want to leave a legacy for future generations, I highly recommend you read this book and then give Jeff Matsen a call. — Stephen Fairley; CEO of The Rainmaker Institute, LLC, The Nation’s Largest Law Firm Marketing Company

Having worked closely with Jeff on a number of complex and important asset protection cases, it is abundantly clear that nobody understands the nuances and practicalities of this area better than he.  His unique ability of making issues clear for clients and their advisors is a gift.  This book is required reading for any layperson or professional who wants to learn more about asset protection and more importantly, take action.  — Noted Estate Planning attorney, Bill Deitch

Jeff is widely recognized in the legal community as an asset protection guru.  In this book, Jeff does a wonderful job of explaining the principals and strategies of complex asset protection planning in a very clear and easy to understand way.   — Nationally recognized estate planning attorney, Marc Selden, of New York City


By Rhonda Miller, Attorney:  This book is insightful, easy to understand and full of good information. Whether you are someone who has accumulated wealth and needs to learn how to safeguard your own assets, or you are a professional whose job it is to manage your clients’ wealth, this book is a must-read. It guides the reader through the basics of asset protection planning and will serve as a valuable first step in developing a comprehensive plan with the aid of a qualified attorney who is well-versed in the area of asset protection planning. –Rhonda A. Miller, J.D.

By Ron Robison, Retired Business Executive:   In this book, Mr. Matsen provides a user-friendly road map to asset protection. Anyone who has significant or even modest net worth and wants to pass some assets on to the next generation will find this book a valuable guide to aide in that process. I particularly liked the index and the examples, and I have referred to the book a number of times since I first read it. Even with all the information included here, it has made me realize that the services of a professional attorney to sort out the best structure for each individual family situation are worthwhile.

By John Massih, Attorney:   Easy to read, jammed full of practical info. A must-read for folks interested in asset protection.

By Laura Meier, Attorney:   Jeffrey Matsen’s book is the perfect read for busy professionals and business owners wanting a basic understanding of the importance of asset protection, and the best methods for properly protecting your family, wealth, and assets.

By John Spiezia, Corporate President:   There are many estate planning and asset protection books available in the market today, but none has been written in such a straightforward and informative manner as attorney J. Matsen’s popular book, The Ladder of Success. In this book, nationally-renowned expert J. Matsen simplifies and explains otherwise complex concepts of estate planning, entity formation, tax planning and the critical area of asset protection and provides various approaches and strategies that every individual, business owner, corporate executive and professional should consider in protecting and transferring their assets effectively to their loved ones. What distinguishes this book most is its practical applicability in, rather than theoretical discussion of, the asset protection area. I highly recommend this excellent book to anyone who is serious about implementing maximum protection of their assets.

By Brenda Geiger, Attorney:   Jeff’s new book is easy to read and jam packed with valuable information on asset protection. I will be recommending this book to clients as a primer.

By Jonathan A. Mintz, Chief Operating Officer WealthCounsel | The Advisors Forum:   I enjoyed this book very much and offer the following testimonial if it is helpful. In The Ladder of Success: An Asset Protection Planning Primer, Jeff Matsen offers a no-nonsense, plain-English approach to both the need for asset protection and a spectrum of simple through complex strategies to implement that planning. I highly recommend it.

By Ken H. Vanway Jr., Attorney:   I have had the good fortune to work with and learn from Jeffrey R. Matsen. Jeff is a master communicator educated and experienced in the legal art of Asset Protection having assisted hundreds of clients; His book, “The Ladder of Success” An Asset Protection Planning Primer” unveils the secrets of the wealthy. A must-read in this day and time of 80 million lawsuits, 50% divorce rates and financial uncertainty.

By Kyle A Krasa, Attorney:   I know author and attorney, Jeff Matsen, very well, both professionally and personally. He is well-regarded among fellow attorneys as one of the country’s leading experts on asset protection. This book reflects Jeff’s skill in articulating complex legal issues in an easy-to-understand format. This is a must read for anyone who is serious about protecting their hard-earned assets.

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