California Asset Protection: 10 Good Reasons to Create an Estate Plan

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estate plan 150x150 California Asset Protection: 10 Good Reasons to Create an Estate PlanInsights from America’s Top 100 Attorney

One of the best reasons for developing a California estate plan is because none of us knows what the future holds; here are 10 more good reasons for creating an estate plan:

1.  To make your own decisions about who will handle your financial and health care needs when you can no longer make those decisions for yourself, as well as how you want those needs to be handled.

2.  To decide who will raise your minor children.

3.  To protect your assets and decide who will inherit them.

4.  To make provisions for children of a prior marriage.

5.  To make provisions for any special needs people in your life.

6.  To “keep things in the family” and out of the hands of a child’s ex-spouse.

7.  To provide your children with financial security.

8.  To pass on retirement assets to the proper beneficiaries.

9.  To save your family business.

10.  To maintain the privacy of your estate.

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