California Asset Protection: Ways Your Trust Could Come Under Fire

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To be sure, planning an estate — regardless of the size of your estate — should be handled by a professional California estate planning ,asset protection attorney.

Many people erroneously think that they have a simple estate, or one in which there won’t be arguments over. These people therefore choose not to obtain the help and guidance of California asset protection lawyer who can handle every aspect of estate planning procedures to the letter of the current laws and in a manner that does not leave anything open for interpretation. What can ensue is an attack on your estate.

Your estate – and the assets listed therein – are subject to unnecessary probate or could take a hit for several reasons. The first and most easily avoidable is how formally and technically the trust, will and estate plan were put together. In other words, if the documents were not written, filed, and handled in the proper legal manner, there are more likely to be errors that can make your assets vulnerable. This is why the help of an experienced California estate planning lawyer is so crucial.

Be careful who you trust and know that who you bring to the table with your attorney will have influence on your decisions and how things proceed. The person(s) you choose to be with you when making decisions or those who are witnesses to the execution of your will must absolutely have your best interest at heart. Never bring someone who overpowers you or tries to take the floor. If it’s best for you to meet with your attorney alone during the planning process, do that – it will keep you from being unnecessarily influenced by parties that may not have a stake in the trust.

Last, make sure you’re not pulling the wool over your own eyes – if you’ve been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, or another progressive mental illness, finding this out after your death could nullify your will if it is found to have been signed after a diagnosis. The best thing you can do is tell your Southern California estate planning lawyer and let them help you take the proper steps to safeguard your assets and your loved ones.

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