California Probate Attorneys Announce: An Inconvenient Tax

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A new documentary entitled, An Inconvenient Tax will be premiering this April 15 — a rather ironic day of all days for such a film to debut.

The documentary covers the back story on the income tax from its onset in the United States and offers varying opinions on both the history and the current affairs of taxation of estates and a number of other income tax topics. The film boasts the direction of Dennis M. Sandoval, a California tax attorney and a professor of law at Chapman University in the Inland Empire. California probate and tax attorneys who have heard of Sandoval will know that his opinions and thoughts on the topic are highly respected — and certainly worth the free admission!

The Inland Empire News reports, “With a fiscal crisis looming on the horizon, April 15th seems more like a scene from a B-Horror horror movie than a day to contribute to the common good of the nation. Political favoritism, ineffective social programs, and economic manipulations all reveal the need for tax reform. But how can Americans decide the best way to change the income tax when few people even understand the code or the vast extent to which it truly affects the country?” Too true. Questions certainly worth addressing in the minds of most California estate plan lawyers.

The film will be shown at the Chapman University School of Law at 7pm and admission is free. If you have an interest in California probate court and how it works, you won’t want to miss this!

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