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For those who were on the cusp of retirement age when the Great Recession hit – with an attendant hit to their retirement accounts — there is some good news from about places where you can retire abroad that will likely fit your new lean budget.

These eight places were rated highly by a number of the most popular retirement location rating websites:

Argentina – Popular because of its European vibe, low cost of housing, joie de vivre and plenty of English spoken.  Keep in mind that it’s getting pricier and the southern parts of the country get cold.

Costa Rica – Popular because of its good economy, beaches and wildlife, and the fact that retirement income is untaxed.  However, it is pricier than other Central American countries and the food is not rated very highly.

Ecuador – Popular for beaches and outdoor living with a currency that is tied to the dollar, it is a super cheap place to live.  However, there is limited health care availability outside major cities and political instability.

France — #1 in the 2010 International Quality of Life Index, superior health care, food and culture.  Prices are high in popular areas like Paris and the Riviera, however, and the country has high taxes and a frustrating bureaucracy.

Italy – The best bargains are in the south, and so is the best weather.  Rates high for food and culture.  Big cities and popular regions are expensive.

Mexico – Lots of English-speaking expats live here and it’s easy to visit the U.S.  There is good health care available near large cities.  Lots of petty crime and government corruption – steer clear of border towns because of drug crime.

Panama – Retirees enjoy discounts and the country has favorable tax treatment on new homes and earned income.  Currency tied to the dollar.  Some infrastructure issues.

Uruguay – Superb beaches and Montevideo is rated high for quality of living.  Access to quality health care spotty.

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