Could You Benefit From An Offshore Trust?

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globe crop2 150x150 Could You Benefit From An Offshore Trust?Doing business offshore can be complicated from a legal and tax standpoint, but it can be very profitable and practical to manage if you have the proper legal expertise guiding you.  Because trust law is complex, and every person has a distinctive set of circumstances that need be taken into account, it helps to understand exactly who can benefit from an offshore trust:

  • Individuals who wish to protect their assets from political or economic uncertainty, litigation or family conflict.
  • Individuals who want to maximize the benefits of their accumulated assets for heirs.
  • Those who want to consolidate the ownership of existing international assets under one potentially tax efficient and legally strong entity.
  • Companies or individuals seeking asset management and centralized reporting.
  • Families that want to minimize or even eliminate death/inheritance/estate taxes.

Our California asset protection law firm is experienced in establishing Offshore International Business Companies (IBC’s), Foreign Asset Protection Trusts (FAPTs), and similarly specialized offshore components of Asset Protection Plans.

Contact us to obtain valuable insight to optimize the U.S. component of any prospective business or asset protection structure.Contact us today for individualized planning strategies to meet your unique needs.


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