Do You Have A Missing Link in Your Estate Plan?

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letter 150x150 Do You Have A Missing Link in Your Estate Plan?Recently, a post at elaborated on something that many estate planners regard as the “missing link” in estate planning: the letter of final instruction.

While not legally binding, a letter of final instruction provides family members or other designated parties with guidance on items that may not be included in your legal estate planning documents.  The letter can include:

  • Where to find your estate planning documents
  • Contact information for relevant advisers
  • Who to contact upon your death
  • Where to locate safe deposit boxes, list of safety box contents, where the keys are located and who you authorize to open your safety deposit box
  • Life insurance policies, location and beneficiaries
  • Bank accounts and titling information
  • Trust and investment account information
  • Any debts or other liabilities
  • Credit card accounts
  • Important documents like deeds and titles, and where they are held
  • Where house keys are kept
  • Pension benefit details and contact information
  • Your instructions for funeral or memorial services

Be sure you store your letter of final instruction with your estate planning documents and provide a copy to your estate planning attorney.

Making your final wishes known is one of the best reasons for creating a final letter of instruction.  Contact our California estate planning law firm for assistance.

Let our Costa Mesa law offices help you get started by contacting us today.

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