Dueling Lawsuits for the Estate of Dennis Hopper

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Hollywood icon Dennis Hopper was in the final stages of a divorce from Victoria Duffy Hopper when he passed away from prostate cancer last May.  Now, Duffy is suing Hopper’s estate for $45 million to cover the expenses of raising their seven-year-old daughter, legal fees and $10 million for defamation of character that she says occurred during their divorce battle while he was dying.

The estate of the late actor and director is suing Duffy right back, charging her with the alleged pilfering of valuable paintings and sculptures that Hopper had said she took from the home prior to his death.  The artwork is valued at $1.5 million, and the estate has asked the court to grant title of the artwork to the estate and require its return to the co-trustees.

Duffy also wants a share from the sale of Hopper’s well-known Venice compound, which includes a main house, three two-story condominiums, and a guesthouse, pool and pool house on a 15,500 sq. ft. lot.  The property was originally listed for $6.245 million, but is currently going for $4.799 million.

Hopper reportedly revised his will last January, leaving everything to his children and nothing to Duffy.  A court filing says that Hopper and Duffy’s pre-nuptial agreement specifies that “any assets purchased or acquired by the Decedent during the marriage are his separate property.”  The Hopper Trust filing argues that, “The Decedent funded his Trust with separate property assets, including those pieces of art and other personal property that has been misappropriated by Respondent as set forth herein.”

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