Elizabeth Taylor’s Possessions to Hit the Auction Block

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Snapshot 2011 06 29 14 48 09 e1309376931284 Elizabeth Taylor’s Possessions to Hit the Auction BlockChristie’s is in the process of planning a worldwide tour and auction of many of the late Elizabeth Taylor’s most cherished personal possessions, including jewelry, fashion, accessories, decorative arts and memorabilia.

The tour will visit Los Angeles, Moscow, London, Dubai, Geneva, Paris and Hong Kong before returning to New York City on Dec. 3 for a 10-day exhibition.  The auction will be held in New York on Dec. 13-16, with a portion of the proceeds going to The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.

Taylor is most famously known for her love of jewelry, and the first day of the auction is devoted to her most legendary jewels.  Her five most famous pieces include:

The Taylor-Burton Diamond – a 69.42-karat Cartier diamond purchased by Richard Burton in 1969.

The Krupp Diamond – a 33.19-karat diamond that was one of the Hollywood icon’s favorite pieces.

La Peregina – another gift from Richard Burton, this pear-shaped pearl was once owned by Anne Boleyn and Queen Mary Tudor of England.

Antique Diamond Tiara – a gift from Taylor’s third husband, Mike Todd.

Taj Mahal Necklace – a 16th century stunner that was also a gift from Burton.

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