False and Misleading Mailer – By Jeffrey R. Matsen

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Dear Corporate Clients:

Over the past several years many of you have called to inquire about the credibility of a mailer that appears to come from some sort of State Agency and refers to compliance with filing requirements for corporate annual minutes. At first glance, these mailers seem credible. They typically have your corporation’s contact information, corporation number, and a deadline by which you must submit the form with payment of $150.00. The mailer may bear a very official-looking letterhead, but be advised; this is not an official notice from the State of California.

These mailers originate from companies that are privately owned and operated, and are not endorsed in any way by the State of California. This fact is acknowledged by the company but only in the fine print at the bottom of the form, which reads “This Product or Service Has Not Been Approved or Endorsed By Any Government Agency And This Offer Is Not Being Made By An Agency of The Government.” The fine print goes on to say that “This Is A Solicitation For The Order Of Services, And Not A Bill, Invoice, Or Statement Of Account Due.” Be advised that this kind of misleading solicitation has been the subject of considerable scrutiny by The California Attorney General, whose office has taken action against companies who utilize this kind of mass-mailings.

As an established attorney who represents a large number of business owner clients, I am particularly incensed by marketing schemes that mislead business owners with compliance scare tactics. I know that most business owners are well intentioned and want to comply with all Federal and State regulations. Marketing companies like this one take advantage of your good intentions and essentially trick you into using their services. The bottom-line is that this is just a rip off and should be treated as such. My advice is that you entrust your legal compliance needs only to us and to your CPA.

As most of you know, we have an exciting and very successful program for small business owners that includes corporate compliance, i.e., the drafting of Minutes, serving as your Agent for Service of Process and the filing of all necessary documents. This program is called Your CorporateCounsel Advantage (YCCA) and many of you have already signed up for this important legal support system. Clients of YCCA pay an annual retainer fee in exchange for four principal services that are more particularly outlined in the brochure that we are enclosing for those clients who have not signed up with us for the YCCA program. If any of you are not already participating in YCCA, we invite you to do so by contacting our Executive Director, Ty Mangrum. Ty will answer any questions you may have, and will arrange a time to come to your office to discuss the YCCA program with you in greater detail.

In the meantime, we hope that our word to the wise is sufficient: work only with trustworthy professionals, always read the fine print on your corporate documents, and ignore any mailers that resemble the scam described in this letter.

Very truly yours,

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