Follow These Rules When Making Gifts

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gift e1324076682161 Follow These Rules When Making GiftsThe timing of making year-end gifts is important because a transfer of property is only counted as a gift once a donor has unconditionally relinquished all control over it.  Here are the rules concerning gifts:

Gifts by Check – the check must be cashed or deposited into the recipient’s account by Dec. 31 to count as a 2012 gift, so if you have given a gift via check, be sure the recipient follows through by cashing or depositing the check before the end of 2012.

Gift of Securities – the securities must be physically transferred into the recipient’s account by year-end.

Large Gifts – gifts above the $13,000 annual exemption count toward your lifetime exemption, which is $5.12 million for 2012.  The gift exemption could potentially revert back to $1 million in 2013, so you should consult with a California estate planning attorney about the tax consequences of gifting more than $13,000.

Charitable Gifts – if you are making a donation by check, it must be mailed by Dec. 31.  If you are making a donation via credit card, you must also make it by Dec. 31, even though you will not pay for it until 2013.

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