Forbes Releases 2011 List of Best Foreign Retirement Havens

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palm tree on beach. jpg e1306179504811 Forbes Releases 2011 List of Best Foreign Retirement HavensForbes has released its 2011 List of Best Foreign Retirement Havens, which includes a total of 15 countries that measure up in terms of cost of living, safety, cultural attractions, taxes, weather, hospitality and health care options:

Australia – Pros: moderate cost of living, low health care costs, friendly people who speak English; Con: far away from U.S.

Canada – Pros:  good health care, good quality of life, no language barrier, moderate cost of living; Con:  frigid winters.

Costa Rica – Pros:  low cost, politically stable, great beaches and weather.

Croatia – Pros:  good climate, great scenery, low cost of living, tax breaks for seniors; Con: English not widely spoken.

Czech Republic – Pros:  affordable health care, low cost of living; Cons: hard to obtain permission to live there permanently.

France – Pros: good qualify of life, high quality and cheap health care, tax breaks for retirees; Cons: Paris has high cost of living.

Ireland – Pros:  beautiful scenery, affordable housing, no language barrier.

Italy – Pros:  Mediterranean climate, great food, affordable health care, reasonable cost of living.

Malaysia – Pros: cheap cost of living, great beaches, rich culturally, some tax breaks.  Cons: health care not readily available outside Kuala Lumpur.

Mexico – Pros:  low cost of living, friendliness towards Americans.  Con: stay away from border towns for better security.

Nicaragua – Pros: natural beauty, cheap cost of living, economic incentives for retirees, no longer plagued by Communist government or civil war.

Panama – Pros:  warm climate, good health care, dollar-based economy, and proximity to U.S.

The Philippines – Pros: cheap tropical retirement spot, minimal requirements for foreign retirees.

Portugal – Pros:  low cost of living, good weather, and political stability.

Spain – Pros:  low cost of living, exotic culture, low housing costs away from the coast.

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