How to Avoid a Family Feud Over Inheritance

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Boxing e1312399691342 How to Avoid a Family Feud Over InheritanceInheritances and the strife they often cause in families has been much in the news lately.  There’s even a new TV show on PBS set to premier next Tuesday, Aug. 9 entitled, “Trial and Heirs: Protect Your Family Fortune” hosted by a couple of attorneys who are authors of a book by the same title.

The show uses high profile celebrity court clashes to provide insight into what causes these disputes in an effort, the producers say, to get people to start planning their estates to avoid a family feud.

There’s also a new website that takes the eBay model and deploys it for “auctioning” a departed loved one’s possessions. costs $49 to list 50 items, and family members are given a predetermined number of points with which to bid on items they want.  Additional points can be purchased as well.

And, there’s always the old-fashioned way of avoiding family conflicts over inherited possessions:

  • Consult with a California estate planning attorney to create an estate plan that documents all your possessions and names beneficiaries;
  • Tell your family about the plan and communicate your wishes clearly;
  • Include a Letter of Instruction with your will that again outlines your wishes for the disposition of your property;
  • If you think someone will question your mental capacity, create a video will (again, be sure to involve your estate planning lawyer) explaining your decisions.

Our Orange County estate planning attorneys can help you head off a family feud that may be brewing over the inheritance you plan to leave.

Help is available to you by contacting your Southern California financial planning experts today.

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