How to Choose a Guardian for Your Children

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father and children 150x150 How to Choose a Guardian for Your ChildrenOne of the most difficult – yet the most necessary – things a parent must do when making an estate plan is to name a guardian for minor children.  If you die without naming a guardian, a judge will make that decision for you – and it may not be anyone you would have chosen in life.

Parents who are putting off this decision should consider the following:

It’s just for now.  If you decide at some time in the future that the person you chose is no longer appropriate, you can always make a change.  Think in terms of the next three years.

It can be anyone.  You don’t necessarily need to name a blood relative – your choice for guardian could be a close family friend.

Nobody is perfect.  Many times, husbands and wives disagree on who would be the best choice as a guardian.  If that’s the case for you, each of you should write down the names of five people you would consider and then compare the list to see if you can find any commonality in your choices.

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