How to Choose the Right Senior Community

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A recent article posted at gives some good guidance on how to choose the right senior community.  If you are nearing the age where you are thinking about moving to a senior living community, or are in charge of finding the right place for your aging parents, chances are that you are probably going to be looking for a continuing care retirement community (CCRC), which is a facility that “moves” seniors along from independent living to assisted living and, if necessary, to a nursing home with 24/7 care.

Most elder care financial advisors suggest that seniors and their caretakers approach CCRCs as an investment.  According to the article, CCRCs typically require a large upfront payment plus high continuing monthly rates.  Here are some questions the article suggests seniors ask when considering a CCRC:

1. Is the community established or even built yet? Be sure to check into the developer’s finances; some seniors get stuck paying big fees for facilities that either don’t get built or are stalled by financial problems way past the time the new home is needed.

2. Is the entrance fee refundable? If you die or decide to move out within a certain period of time after moving in, your entrance fee may be wholly or just partially refundable.

3. What’s included and what costs extra? Nearly all CRCCs provide guaranteed access to health and personal care services but not all of them include it in their monthly fee.

4. Are there just old folks? Facilities with ties to the local community and schools tend to offer seniors a more satisfactory lifestyle.

5. Is there a pool? Wellness programs keep seniors active, helping to lower rates of depression and illness.

6. What transportation is available? You may want easy access to public transportation for the day when you have to give up your drivers’ license or even if you just don’t want to pay for a taxi every time you want to go somewhere.  Some CRCCs provide transportation for residents.

7. Are there other special amenities? Free Internet, concert tickets or other amenities can add a lot to a senior’s quality of life.

8. What about Alzheimer’s patients? The reality is that the incidence of Alzheimer’s is growing with the population.  Facilities that offer Alzheimer’s wings may be a good choice for both couples and singles.

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