How to Protect a Risky Business

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risk sign e1304961039872 How to Protect a Risky BusinessThere is always some degree of risk in starting a business, but does your business require extra protection?  Here are some businesses that can qualify for additional risk:

  • Making and/or selling edible products;
  • Housing and/or caring for people or animals;
  • Manufacturing or using hazardous materials;
  • Operating a bar or other establishment that serves alcohol;
  • Repairing or building homes or other structures;
  • Repairing or building vehicles;
  • Refurbishing or repairing items of great value;
  • Operating a business that entails physical activity that may result in injury; i.e., amusement or fitness facilities;
  • Operating a delivery or trucking operation where driving is the main activity.

Many businesses in these categories protect themselves with additional business insurance, but sometimes insurance cannot cover all the risks.  In that case, incorporating your business as a corporation or LLC can protect your personal assets from business liabilities and claims against the business.

If you are a California small business owner, we have a program that meets your unique need for risk protection.  For a reasonable annual fee, our firm provides you with the legal support and services necessary to protect, grow, and manage your businesses.  Through the Your Corporate Counsel Advantage program, you can realize all of the benefits of having your own in-house counsel, without incurring the associated costs.  

Contact us today for individualized planning strategies to meet your unique needs.

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