How to Protect Your Financial Information On The Web

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identity theft 150x150 How to Protect Your Financial Information On The WebMany of us take advantage of the convenience of conducting financial transactions online, including banking, shopping and even managing investments.  However, the increasing prevalence of identity theft makes it a real necessity to protect our online transactions from falling prey to this serious threat.

Here are some tips for protecting your financial information online:

Make online purchases only on secure sites. Look for a lock icon at the bottom of your browser, which verifies you are purchasing on a secure site.

Check your credit report. By law, you are eligible to receive one free credit report every year.  Get copies from all three of the major reporting agencies to check for any unauthorized accounts that may have been opened in your name.

Set alerts. Your bank should allow you to set alerts on your accounts, so you can receive an email if your balance goes below a certain level or for purchases over a set amount.

Have a secure network. Make sure your home wireless network is secure by following instructions for your wireless router on how to lock the router.

Don’t store personal information on public computers. If you use a computer at a hotel or other out-of-town locale, make sure you log out completely from your accounts and that your log-in data has not been stored inadvertently on that computer.

Install spam filtering software on your computer.

Utilize optional security questions. Don’t automatically choose the security question – instead, use an option that an identity thief probably wouldn’t know, like the name of your first pet or where you were born.

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