If I Die App Lets You Leave Posthumous Facebook Message

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Facebook icon 150x150 If I Die App Lets You Leave Posthumous Facebook Message Like everything else these days, death has gone digital.  Approximately 250,000 people have signed up for the If I Die app on Facebook, introduced last year, which allows users to send their last message out to friends and be posted on their profile page.

Available in the Facebook App Center, the If I Die app enables you to create a text message or a video with your final goodbye to friends and family.  Before messages are delivered, three “trustees” (Facebook friends) you have chosen will be asked to verify your death.  When they do,  your message or messages (you can upload more than one) will be released all at once or according to any schedule you designate.  A 5-minute video message is free; pay $20-$100 to send more videos of up to 30 minutes each.

The app was designed by Israel-based Willook Ltd. CEO Eran Alfonta, who said he was inspired to create it following an incident in Italy where two of his married friends narrowly escaped a fatal crash.  Alfonta’s friends asked him to create a website where they could leave messages for their children in case something should happen to them.

In order to assure your message is secure, the company says it has taken the highest security measures. No one will be able to see your message, including company employees or your trustees. In addition, the moment a death report is received, the company immediately informs the user, to ensure the report was not a mistake or a prank. The company also allows for a security time buffer after the third report is received, to allow it to further investigate and ensure the reports were not made in error.

Beyond leaving messages for loved ones, you should also be planning for what happens to your online life after your death.  Contact our Newport Beach law firm for information on digital asset planning.

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