Independent Contractors Should Put It in Writing

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Check off box 150x150 Independent Contractors Should Put It in WritingDuring the last few years of high unemployment, many Californians have become their own boss – or what is known as independent contractors.  While a number of independent contractors may rely solely on verbal agreements, it is usually a good idea to put client agreements in writing.

A basic written service contract should include:

  • What services are to be performed
  • Payment amount for those services
  • Payment terms (fee or hourly rate and any penalties for late payment)
  • Reimbursement for expenses
  • Length of agreement
  • Terms of the relationship
  • Agreement termination rights
  • Resolution of disputes and conflicts
  • Waivers of liability
  • Treatment of confidential information
  • Hold harmless clause

By having a written service agreement in place, you are protected in case your client refuses to pay, insists upon more or different work, or violates your understood agreement in any other way.

Independent contractor service agreements offer legal protection for both the contractor and the client, and help each manage expectations as well.  They also help establish your independent contractor status with the IRS or other government entities.

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