LegalZoom?! Really?!

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From time to time potential clients ask us why they should go with us instead of using something like LegalZoom.  In order to answer that question, they need to understand that LegalZoom simply sells do-it-yourself legal documents online.  They cannot provide legal advice or tell you which form to fill out, you have to “do it yourself”.  Furthermore, Legal Zoom has been investigated for the unauthorized practice of law, misrepresentation, and for turning over sensitive, privately identifying personal and financial information to third parties  (see Legal Zoom and Washington State Reach Agreement over Unauthorized Practice of Law).  Additionally, some Attorney General’s offices have been concerned that Legal Zoom’s documents are insufficient (see Washington Attorney General zooms in on LegalZoom’s claims).  There really is no comparison.  Going with LegalZoom is like ordering a second hand kit car that is missing parts and assembly instructions.

We, here at Wealth Strategies Counsel, tailor your estate or business plan to your unique circumstances, needs, and wishes.  There is more to an estate or business plan than a single document and it takes the wisdom of an experienced attorney to structure that plan to preserve, protect and transfer your legacy in the most efficient and tax saving manner.  Even with the proper documents, properly written and structured into a viable plan, you still may be exposed if your assets are not properly transferred into the appropriate entity.  Many firms will adequately provide the structure but leave transferring the assets up to their client.  The plan is of little worth without this final step, which can be difficult and laden with unexpected repercussions, such as reassessments.

You will want to contact our office to assure your plan is done correctly and structured in the best way possible

Help is available to you by contacting your Southern California financial planning experts today.

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