Michael Jackson’s Will Filed but Estate Will Be Confidential -By Jeffrey R. Matsen

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Here is the link to Michael Jackson’s Last Will and Testament.

The will is what’s known as a “pourover” will.  In other words, instead of the will itself disposing of all of his assets directly, it instead transfers all of his assets to the “MICHAEL JACKSON FAMILY TRUST” as amended and restated on March 22, 2002.  The terms of his revocable trust will govern the disposition of his property and the Trust is confidential.  This points out one big benefit  of having a living Trust.  It’s contents are generally not a matter of public record.

However, a will is public and is filed with the court.  There is no obligation to disclose the terms of the trust to the public.  Certain beneficiaries are entitled to copies of the trust however, and it’s possible that one of them might leak it at some later point in time.

The executors of the will  are John Branca, John McClain, and Barry Siegel.  Their primary responsibility will be to transfer the estate’s assets, that is the assets that were not already owned by the trust, to the trust.  The successor trustee (whoever that might be) is then responsible for managing the trust estate.

He did nominate his mother, Katherine Jackson as the guardian of his minor children.  In the event of the death, inability, or refusal to act of Katherine Jackson, he nominates, believe it or not, Diana Ross!  The rights of the children’s mothers, however, may supercede the nomination by Michael in his will.  http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-debbie-rowe2-2009jul02,0,1137159.story

Those are the only details now.  It’s a short five page will.  Unless there is a subsequent will, or the trust somehow becomes public, this is all the information that will be public.

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