Mickey Rooney’s Stepson Ordered to Stay Away from Actor in Potential Elder Abuse Case

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Mickey Rooney in The Human Comedy trailer e1298667167322 Mickey Rooney’s Stepson Ordered to Stay Away from Actor in Potential Elder Abuse CaseA Los Angeles court has ordered the 48-year-old stepson of actor Mickey Rooney to stay away from the 90-year-old actor, and has also established a voluntary temporary conservatorship because of allegations of elder abuse, according to a news report.

Christopher Thomas Alber, the son of Rooney’s current wife Jan Rooney, has been ordered to stay at least 100 yards away from Rooney and his home.  The order also included Alber’s wife, Christina.

According to the court filing, Rooney is alleging that Alber is verbally abusive, threatening, and has blocked the actor’s access to his finances.  The filing also alleges that Alber has denied Rooney medication and food.  The Albers deny any wrongdoing.

Rooney’s attorney told that court that he has found substantial sums of money missing from Rooney’s bank accounts, and that Rooney has no knowledge of how the funds were spent.

In addition to issuing the restraining order, the court also ordered Alber to turn over all of Rooney’s identification cards, including his state ID card, passport, insurance cards and Screen Actors Guild membership card.

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