Newport Beach Estate Planning Attorney Shares Retirement Decision-Making Tools

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retirement couple hugging 150x150 Newport Beach Estate Planning Attorney Shares Retirement Decision Making ToolsAs a Newport Beach estate planning attorney, I see lots of people who are struggling with decisions about retirement.  That is why I am happy to share a new set of tools from the Society of Actuaries – a non-profit organization that focuses on the measurement and management of risk – that may help new or soon-to-be retirees navigate some of these difficult planning decisions.

The Society of Actuaries’ Committee on Post-Retirement Needs and Risks has just completed a two-year analysis of the decisions that affect retirement, and has issued 11 reports on the following topics:

Big Question: When Should I Retire?

When Retirement Comes Too Soon

Women Take the Wheel: Destination Retirement

Deciding When to Claim Social Security

Designing a Monthly Paycheck for Retirement

Treating Asset Allocation Like a Roadmap

Securing Health Insurance for the Retirement Journey

Taking the Long-term Care Journey

Where to Live in Retirement

Estate Planning: Preparing for the End of Life

Finding Trustworthy Financial Advice for Retirement and Avoiding Pitfalls

To download each one of these reports in PDF format, click here.

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