No Matter What it Stipulates, a Will is Still a Will!

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Some of the most shocking stipulations in wills have to do with all manner of pets inheriting an entire estate, how someone’s body will be handled after death (cremation or burial would both be too ordinary for some), and in some sad cases, children or grandchildren being “cut out of the will.”

California will preparation attorneys and estate planners have seen their fair share, but they’re not the only ones. Take Marvel comic writer Mark Gruenwald. His dying wishes were to have his cremains mixed into the dye that would be used to print a final anthology of his works, Squadron Supreme.

Another one for the books is the epic case of Leona Helmsley’s canine companion. The dog, named Trouble, was the recipient of twelve million dollars upon Helmsley’s death while several potential heirs were left scratching their heads.

And while there are many cases like these, the last our Newport Beach estate planning attorneys will list here is one that doesn’t soon leave the mind’s eye. Jeremy Bentham, a philosopher of the late 1700s and early 1800s wrote in his final will and testament that he wanted his body “preserved” and sort of just kept around. The clothed body to this day is in the confines of a glass case and the Bentham’s head has been remodeled–if you will–with a wax likeness.  From time to time the strange conglomeration of human bone and wax is carted around from one location to another.

So, no matter what your requests are, a final will and testament will protect them — and you, and unless you’re like Leona Helmsley, it will protect someone other than your Maltese! Contact us today for help with your California will preparation needs.

Get started by contacting our Orange County asset protection estate planning law firm as soon as possible.

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