No One Feeling Good: Battle Continues Over James Brown Estate

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james brown e1311880437383 No One Feeling Good: Battle Continues Over James Brown EstateFive years after the death of the legendary James Brown, an estate battle over his estimated $100 million fortune continues, and was recently profiled in an issue of Rolling Stone magazine.

Brown left his entire estate in trust to assist with the education of underprivileged children in his home state of Georgia and South Carolina.  However, none of that wealth has been distributed yet due to legal squabbles between Brown’s fourth wife, his seven children and the trust.

The children and Brown’s fourth wife, Tomi Rae Hynie, contested the will in South Carolina courts for three years following Brown’s death on Christmas Day in 2009.  The court battles grew to such proportions that then-state Attorney General Henry McMaster brokered a deal that affirmed the will but split the estate between Brown’s family and the trust, with the trust responsible for millions in legal costs for over two dozen attorneys.

Brown’s attorney, Buddy Dallas, says that Brown’s irrevocable trust was intentionally drafted to exclude his children from profiting from his estate.  And despite the 2009 settlement, nothing has been paid yet to the family, the children, or the attorneys, since there are still several outstanding appeals yet to be concluded.

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