Orange County Estate Planning Attorney Shares Tips on How to Plan a Thrifty Funeral

7:02 pm Asset Protection, Estate Planning

funeral ribbon 150x150 Orange County Estate Planning Attorney Shares Tips on How to Plan a Thrifty FuneralAs an Orange County estate planning law firm, we believe that asset protection should extend to as many areas of your financial life as possible, even after death.  An post entitled 10 Facts Funeral Directors Don’t Want You to Know provides some informational tips on how to save money when planning a funeral:

Shop around – it is estimated that many funerals cost more than $10,000.  Comparison shopping for funeral services can save you a lot – several thousand dollars.

Remember it’s a business – funeral homes are in business to make money, and should not be treated – or trusted – as if they were clergy.

Know what is necessary – embalming is rarely required when a person will be buried within 24-48 hours.  Sealed caskets, which are more expensive, will not preserve a body.

Know the rules – a funeral home cannot refuse to use a casket you have purchased elsewhere, nor can they charge you an additional fee for using it.

Know what things cost – a modest casket should run about $400-$600 and will do the job just fine.

Pick and choose services – you do not have to purchase a funeral home’s entire package of services; you can pick and choose and even plan many things on your own.

Get a price list – funeral homes are required to comply with the Federal Trade Commission’s Funeral Rule, which specifies that funeral homes must supply customers with a general price list for all goods and services.

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