Passing On Your Loyalty Program Benefits After You Pass On

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Plane Passing On Your Loyalty Program Benefits After You Pass OnAn interesting article by law professor and legal blogger Gerry W. Beyer details a research project he and one of his law students undertook to determine how heirs might be able to benefit from a loved one’s loyalty program benefits after the account holder’s death.

Beyer found that those with significant frequent flyer miles and other loyalty program points may have several options when it comes to passing those benefits along to heirs. These options include:

  • Giving away miles or points while you are still living;
  • Adding secondary users to your existing account;
  • Bequeathing the miles or points to an individual in your estate plan or court-approved will; some companies will honor those wishes (American Airlines and Continental) but require proof of the transfer within an estate plan as well as payment of administrative fees before the points or miles are transferred.

A download of the four-page article is free and is available Contact us.

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