Put a PreNup on Your Christmas List This Year

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gift e1322694362355 Put a PreNup on Your Christmas List This YearA Huffington Post report notes that the holiday season – between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day — is the peak time for engagements.  So, the article contends,  if you are a modern woman who is getting ready to say “I do” to marriage, you should also be saying the same to a prenuptial agreement.

Of course, nothing is less romantic than a prenup.  Unless, of course, it’s divorce.  Since women are waiting longer to get married, they usually have more assets to bring to a marriage than ever before.  For example, there are now twice as many single women as men buying homes.

Marriage is not just a union of souls, it is also a financial union that should be protected.  Here’s what the article advises for women just entering marriage:

Protect property – a prenup will help ensure that you can exit the marriage, if it comes to that, in the same financial shape as you entered into it.

Protect your investment in yourself – if you earned a degree and have to leave a high-paying job to raise the children, consider writing a prenup that includes some sort of payout for compensating you for the career interruption.

Protect yourself – if your husband runs up a lot of debt or files bankruptcy, a prenup can protect you from his creditors being able to come after your assets.

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