Shocking Find: 271 Picassos Discovered in Hands of Renowned Artist’s Electrician

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A 71-year-old French electrician who worked for Pablo Picasso says he is the rightful owner of 271 pieces of the artist’s work – including lithographs, cubist paintings, watercolors and notebooks – that could be worth more than $100 million.

Pierre Le Guennac worked for Picasso from 1970 until the artist’s death in 1973, and then continued to work for his widow until her death in 1986.  According to news reports, Le Guennac asked Picasso’s widow for pieces of the artist’s work and she gave them to him over the years.

When Le Guennac contacted Picasso’s estate earlier this year to request authentication of the artworks, he was met instead with a lawsuit filed by Picasso’s son, Claude, and five other heirs who allege the works were stolen.

The art collection was seized by the French government in October and is being held in a vault at the Central Office for the Fight Against Traffic in Cultural Goods in Nanterre.  News reports say that 26 of the pieces are previously unpublished works.

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