The 3 Legal Issues You Should Handle For Your Mom

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mom block 150x150 The 3 Legal Issues You Should Handle For Your MomSunday is Mother’s Day, and finding just the right gift to fully express our appreciation can be difficult.  Earlier this week, a Reuters article listed the top 3 legal issues a son or daughter should handle for an aging mother that relate to her long-term care and her peace of mind:

1.  Estate Planning.  Helping your mother plan her estate – or review and update her estate plan if it’s been several years since she has done so – is a thoughtful and generous gift that will keep giving.  The first step is to help Mom make a list of her assets — including possessions, stock and bank accounts and retirement plans – and then take her to discuss an estate plan with an estate planning attorney.

2.  Choosing a Long-Term Care Facility.  Discuss a long-term care plan with your Mom, for when she is unable to manage on her own.  Whether you plan for her to move in with you, hire in-home help or find an elder care facility she would enjoy, the sooner you make a plan, the easier the transition will be when the time comes.

3.  Protecting Mom From Scams and Abuse – The elderly are frequent targets of financial scams and abuse.  Help prevent her from becoming a victim by informing her of the latest news on these scams.  You may also want to get identity protection services for her, as well as install a security and video monitoring system in her home, which can be especially helpful if she has or plans to get a caretaker.

The gift of a more stress-free life would probably be a welcome one for any mother; helping her handle these legal issues can contribute a great deal to her quality of life.

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