The Cost of Caregiving: Lost Wages, Poor Health

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A recent Pew Research Study found that nearly 40 percent of adult Americans are now caring for a parent or child with chronic health issues, which is a 10 percent increase in only three years.

So who are these caregivers?  This graphic from the report provides the demographics:

caregivers The Cost of Caregiving: Lost Wages, Poor Health

A couple of years ago, MetLife did a study on caregiving costs to working caregivers and found that:

  • Nearly 10 million adult children over the age of 50 care for their aging parents.
  • The total estimated aggregate lost wages, pension, and Social Security benefits of these caregivers of parents are nearly $3 trillion.
  • Overall, caregiving sons and daughters provide comparable care in many respects, but daughters are more likely to provide basic care and sons are more likely to provide financial assistance.
  • A majority of adult caregivers are more likely to report being in poor health compared to adults who do not provide caregiving.

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