UK Company Will Pull Wool Over Your Eyes for Eternity

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sheep2 150x150 UK Company Will Pull Wool Over Your Eyes for EternityThose who want their love of environmental preservation to follow them to the grave are flocking to wool caskets produced by Hainsworth, a two-centuries-old wool mill in West Yorkshire.

According to a TIME article on the new trend of green funerals, the caskets are woven from the fleece of three sheep and can hold up to 840 lbs.  The company has started selling its fully biodegradable coffins to the U.S. and other markets, and says it plans to capture 15 to 20 percent of the UK market in fairly short order.

Since no dyes or inks are used in the manufacture of the eco-coffins, they only come in two color choices:  brown or white.  Each casket features six hemp handles and a woolen name plate to be embroidered with the name of the deceased.  The eco-coffins cost a little more than the average wooden coffin in Britain – retail prices range from $960 to $1,290.

However, that’s less than the average cost in the U.S., which is $2,000.  The Green Burial Council in New Mexico notes that its research shows that one in five Americans want a green burial – which can now seemingly be accomplished without getting fleeced.

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