What Every Parent Needs To Know

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An estate planning attorney sees clients of all ages and family situations, but the client we would probably like to see more of is young families.Young parents often push estate planning to the back burner, thinking “we don’t need to do this for years yet; nothing’s going to happen to us.”But accidents happen, and tragedy can strike.When tragedy strikes a family with young children the results can be truly heartbreaking.

This blog post from The Mom Crowd entitled 7 Ways To Show Your Family You Love Them expresses the sentiment pretty perfectly in the opening paragraph, “We all show our family that we love them in different ways. Another way that you can show your love for them is to show them that you care about them even after you are gone. The hard reality is that we are all going to leave this earth and we don’t know when.”

Author Amanda goes on to share 7 smart and fairly easy ways parents can plan ahead for disaster and make sure their children and families are taken care of after they are gone, all 7 are basic steps that can make all the difference if the unthinkable should happen. Our only departure with Amanda’s excellent post is that she provides links to some online resources for estate planning, whereas we highly recommend going to visit an attorney who can listen to your specific needs and ensure that your plans include the most recent tax language and trust options. Trust mills may be inexpensive, but they can fail under scrutiny, leaving your family out in the cold when they most need protection.

One thing that comes through beautifully in Amanda’s post is the surety that creating an estate plan is one of the most loving things you can do for your family, and that the effects of this action (or inaction) in the present will reach far into the future.Having a solid plan in place brings comfort to your spouse, security to your children, and peace for yourself.

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