What You Need to Know About California Advance Health Care Directives

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It’s human nature not to want to plan ahead for things we don’t want to face, like our own death or an illness that may incapacitate us to the point where we need someone to step in and handle our health care decisions.  But when you don’t plan for these events, it is likely that the decisions you would have made for yourself may not be the ones chosen for you.  And most of us really don’t want that.

In California, an advance health care directive provides you with the opportunity to name a trusted person to make health care decisions for you in case you can’t and also allows you to spell out what kind of medical treatments you do or do not want to receive under certain circumstances.

California does not necessarily regulate whom you can name as your health care agent, but it does say whom you cannot name.  For example, unless the person is related to you by blood, marriage or adoption, or is your registered domestic partner, you cannot name your health care provider or an employee of your health care provider, nursing home or care facility.

The person you choose as your health care agent does not have to live in California, but it should be someone who will travel to wherever you are, if necessary.  This person will be responsible for making your health care decisions for you, so it should be someone who is reliable and who you can trust to carry out your wishes.  They should also be able to carry out their duties regardless of any potential family opposition, as long as they are doing what you have directed.

A California estate planning attorney can assist you with preparing the proper documents for executing an advance health care directive, so you can be sure your future health care decisions are the ones you would make for yourself.  For more information, contact our Orange County estate planning law firm.

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