When It Comes to Estate Planning, Do-It-Yourself is a DON’T

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no 150x150 When It Comes to Estate Planning, Do It Yourself is a DON’TA recent Forbes blog post outlined in thoughtful fashion why do-it-yourself estate planning is a big DON’T.

The Internet makes it extremely easy to believe that we can diagnose our own ills and write our own wills.  However, fill-in-the-blank documents do not constitute a plan – and the drafting of your estate planning documents should be the culmination of a well considered financial and estate plan.

Another problem with using online resources is that a website doesn’t explain how estate laws vary in different states, nor can it address your specific needs—especially if you aren’t even aware that you may have specific needs.  Some states even have laws that only a licensed attorney can create a will for another person.

While you can download documents off the Internet, you cannot download meaningful advice that applies directly to your specific life and financial situation.  Choose your estate planning representation wisely —  after all, these are the documents designed to protect your family when you can no longer be there to protect them yourself.

Don’t hesitate to contact our California estate planning law firm for the experience and legal acumen you need to protect your assets for future generations.

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