California Estate Planning: Where to Transfer Assets

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If you need to transfer assets to or from an estate, retirement fund, bank account, or other property/accounts for any reason, there are a few intelligent places to transfer to, of course, with the help of a California Asset Protection Lawyer.

Certain places that you can transfer money to–both in and out of your estate–are protected.

1. Family Foundation: in this protected entity, a single California family sets up a foundation wherein money can be transferred. Typically, the foundation will generally be private, and often (but not always) members of the family will serve as board members or officers of the foundation

2. Closely Held Corporation: your California asset protection attorney can help you set up a closely held corporation, which is simply a private company owned by the members of a family (usually) who act as the shareholders. Because it is an entity and not a living person, this entity is separate from the family members in that it has its own rights and privileges regarding the assets it holds.

3. Offshore Trust: This is a protected entity operated by a trustee (usually an officer of the offshore bank or the bank itself) in which assets can be placed. Again, because it is not a living person, the offshore trust has legal rights that separate it from members of the family. In addition, will it is run by a trustee, any decisions regarding the assets it holds can be made by the grantor of the estate of which the trust is  part.

There are many other protected entities in addition to the above mentioned. If you have an interest in transferring your assets to or from a trust into any other protected entity, contact your California estate planning lawyer today.

Contact us today and let our Newport Beach law firm help you with all your financial planning needs.

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