Who Do You Need to Carry Out Your Wishes When You Can’t?

7:59 pm Estate Planning

question mark in front of face 150x150 Who Do You Need to Carry Out Your Wishes When You Can’t?Identifying the individuals who will carry out your wishes in the case of your death or incapacitation is an important part of estate planning.  There are several different roles to fill, including:

Executor – this is the person who takes charge of all your assets and ensures they are distributed in accordance with your wishes as spelled out in your will.  Some people choose a responsible family member to fill this role, while others may prefer a professional.

Guardian – this is the person who is designated to care for your minor children in case you and your spouse die before they come of legal age.  While this is usually a family member, careful consideration needs to be given to a guardian’s financial and emotional capabilities as well as their willingness to care for your chlld(ren).  Sometimes, two guardians are appointed – one to look after the children and one to manage the children’s financial assets.

Durable Power of Attorney – this is the person who would make financial decisions for you if you become disabled or otherwise unable to manage your financial affairs.

Health Care Agent – this is the person who would make healthcare decisions for you if you are unable to make them for yourself, and is specified in an advance health care directive.

To ensure your wishes are respected, you need to execute the proper estate planning documents.  Contact our Orange County law firm for help.

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