Why a California Estate Attorney is Essential to Writing Your Will

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Nowadays there are countless online will products and software packages that guide users through writing their own wills. There are various law firms that sell e-books about how to write your own will, and even more products available all over the Web that promise to make your will valid and able to stand the test of probate. If that was really the case, these various products would not be laden with all sorts of disclaimers, not the least of which is “This software is not a substitute for legal advice or counsel.” While some will preparation software may be a good fit for those without an estate or for those who own no real property, for anyone who has assets to protect, children under the age of 18, real estate or land parcels, valuable heirlooms or artwork, a simple online will is not for you. There is no substitute for a California estate planning lawyer that can help you protect your assets and ensure that your real property, life insurance policy and other estate inventory are protected against taxation and that your will is carried out in accordance to your wishes. A Newport Beach asset protection attorney is the only choice when you have a sizeable estate to protect, and becomes even more important if you have minor children named as beneficiaries. In addition, your children will need to have a guardian legally named in your will in the event of your untimely passing. California estate planning lawyers can help you decide who is a good candidate for guardianship and ensure that your wishes are carried out. In the event of probate or will dispute, an online will or will preparation software cannot protect your wishes the way that California estate planning attorneys can. Rely on the help of a reliable Newport Beach asset protection law firm and not a will preparation software package — your family’s future and your estate should be protected by a person who cares, not a computer program.

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