Why California Asset Protection Is More Important Now Than Ever

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asset protection 150x150 Why California Asset Protection Is More Important Now Than EverRecent statistics indicate that Californians, like many Americans, are not planning their estates. Of course, we have to consider high unemployment, the Wall Street scandals that have cost Americans billions, and the slowing of consumer activity.

While these are certainly understandable reasons why estate planning may not seem important, it actually makes it more important than ever.

Protect your assets: even if you have a fraction of what you had five years ago, you need to discuss with a California estate planning lawyer what you can do to protect what you still have.

Save yourself from creditor harassment: if you have assets in a trust or other sheltering vehicle, you can foreclose on a home and not worry about losing what is protected within your estate in offshore and most domestic trusts—but you won’t know if you qualify for this if you don’t discuss it with your Newport Beach asset protection attorney.

According to the most recent statistics concerning wealth management and estate planning, fewer Americans are estate planning today than five years ago. If you’re not protecting your assets, they are vulnerable and can easily become the prey of predatory lenders and creditors.

Protect what is yours and discuss the best ways to do it for your unique financial situation. Contact a California estate planning lawyer today—have your questions answered and stop putting off the planning of your estate!

Contact us today for individualized planning strategies to meet your unique needs.

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