Why Employers Need an Employee Email Policy

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email 150x150 Why Employers Need an Employee Email Policy Even if you do not currently monitor your employees’ emails or even plan to do so in the future, employers still need to have an email policy in place for employees and communicate that policy effectively.

The primary reason for having a company email policy in place is to protect your right as an employer to gain access to employee emails if you should ever need to do so.  For example, if an employee alleges they were a victim of sexual harassment or discrimination, you would not be able to fully investigate these claims if you do not have an email policy in place and let employees know that the company retains its right to monitor messages received and sent utilizing company computers.

If you do not have a policy in place and you need access to investigate a claim, an employee could refuse to grant you access and even file a lawsuit for violation of privacy.  Instituting a clear email policy can protect employers against this type of potential lawsuit.

In formulating a company email policy, you should address an employee’s personal use of the company email system, the company’s right to monitor email messages sent and received using company computers, and spell out appropriate employee conduct in sending email messages on company computers.

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