Why Planning a Trust in California is So Important

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We’ve heard it a million times: trusts aren’t just for the wealthy anymore! But how many people are actually listening to this oh so true statement? According to an April 8, 2010 article in USA Today, only three out of every one hundred Americans over the age of 65 are set up to live comfortably in the years following their retirement.

This scary and sad prospect should be a warning sign to younger American generations. If you start planning early you simply can’t go wrong. Even if you end up having to borrow against a retirement fund later, just having one gives you a huge leg-up.

People in their mid-twenties should be thinking about trusts and California estate planning, even if they plan to switch careers, even if they’re in school. Just adding five to ten percent of a paycheck to a Roth IRA once or twice a month will add up more than you think and can be a nice spring board to a fuller fund — and a better retirement.

For those who have yet to speak to an estate planner in California, now is the time, even if you don’t think so. By not knowing your options you limit yourself to what you know — and most likely, your not a financial analyst or a California asset protection lawyer who knows the ins and outs of trusts and estates. Look into it today and create a better tomorrow for yourself!

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